WorkCover WA releases variations in Prescribed Amounts and other Workers’ Compensation payments for 2013/2014

WorkCover WA today announced the new limits payable under the Act.

Key elements of the revised Prescribed Amounts are:

  • Maximum payment: $206,742.00 (up from $198,365)
  • Medical and hospital expenses: $62,023.00 (up from $59,510)
  • Vocational rehabilitation expenses: $14,472.00 (up from $13,886)
  • Weekly payments: $2,448.50 (up from $2,351.80)

These increases are effective from 1st July, 2013.

Injured employees who are currently in receipt of the maximum weekly compensation of $2,351.80 may be entitled to an increase. You should seek advice from your insurer before making any changes to the approved weekly compensation rate.

The Recommended Prescribed Amount and other Workers’ Compensation Payments for 2013-2014 are available here from the WorkCover WA website.

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