AurendaWCD Alliance

With effect from today, 20 May 2013, Aurenda has formed a National Alliance with WCD Workers’ Compensation. The AurendaWCD Alliance creates a truly independent national provider of expert workers’ compensation and injury management solutions.

This National Alliance enables Aurenda and WCD  to deliver a comprehensive service platform nationally, where required, yet maintain our independent service offerings. The combined resources of the Alliance will build upon the existing expertise within each business to service any employer with workers’ compensation needs, no matter where they are located or operate.  As Employer Advocates, our collective focus is  to work with our clients to manage workplace injuries and illness (whether or not they lead to an actual claim); ensure robust injury management and workers’ compensation policies and procedures are in place; and  track and manage costs.

About Aurenda:

Founded in 2002, Aurenda specialises in reducing the financial and human cost of injury in the workplace. We partner with organisations to deliver injury prevention, injury management and training services that ultimately reduce workers’ compensation costs plus the ‘hidden’ costs of workplace injury such as lost time, overtime, sick leave and the poor morale that can flow from poor management of workplace injuries. Our team of professionals is experienced in risk management, paramedical and allied health, workers’ compensation, safety and training.  Working in close partnership with some of Australia’s foremost public and private sector organisations, Aurenda empowers clients to minimise the human and financial costs associated with workplace injury.

About WCD Workers’ Compensation Solutions:

Founded in 1999, WCD Workers’ Compensation Solutions is a management consultancy company that specialises in workers’ compensation.  WCD’s staff has extensive experience across numerous aspects of workers’ compensation, bringing to our clients a complete solution to their workers’ compensation requirements. WCD has a large range of clients from diverse industries, providing premium, claims, and injury management advice to insured and self-insured businesses. Using our broad expertise and combined years of experience we ensure you achieve sustainable financial and social outcomes through our range of practical, cost efficient, and innovative support services.

We’re very excited about this new aspect of our service capabilities, which extends our capacity to deliver excellent workplace injury risk management solutions that achieve sustainable results.

For more information, I direct you to the following website, where you can also view a YouTube video that provides more insight into the AurendaWCD

Of course, you can also visit our respective websites to see more about our services and results:

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