Minehealth assessments are no longer required.

From the 12th January 2013, Minehealth assessments are no longer required in the Western Australian mining industry. The Department of Mines and Petroleum has released a fact sheet explaining the details.

Frequently asked questions on health surveillance of mine worker

  From the FAQ sheet – “Two comprehensive epidemiological studies of the database conducted in 2010 and 2012 showed that these assessments neither prevented nor detected ill health at an early stage.  The cessation of the MineHealth system on 12 January 2013 allows the industry to apply a more risk-based approach to health surveillance. Employers are responsible for identifying the hazards in their workplaces, assessing the risks to workers’ health and wellbeing, and eliminating or mitigating those risks. “

“Some mining companies may still require potential employees to undertake a pre- employment health assessment. ”

For the full details and information sheet click here

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