Most common workplace injuries

None of us want to experience an injury at work. As employers we do not want our employees to suffer a workplace injury either. Workplace injury is an employer and employees nightmare. However much we hope it won’t happen to us, it is a regular occurrence in workplaces every day.

Workplace injuries can be placed into five types and these are by far the most common. Interestingly all are caused by human error.
Slips, trips and falls

The number one cause of workplace injury is slips, trips and falls. This occurs mostly in the retail industry where wet floors cause slips. Objects being left in the wrong place can cause trips. Falls are all too common in the construction industry. Injuries can range from bumps and bruises to unfortunately fatalities.

Motor Vehicle Crashes

People who drive for a living, head this category.  There are a number of driver errors which can result in accidents, such as mobile phone usage, eating and reading; these account for up to half of all accidents.

Accidents resulting from manual labour

Walk around any store room and you might catch someone lifting incorrectly.  Picking up, carrying and moving heavy objects can result in muscle strains or spinal injuries. We all know there is a proper way to lift but sometimes it goes wrong.  Manual handling courses are important for the education of employees and employers are responsible for providing safe equipment and procedures.

Overuse Injuries

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) that is also known as Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS) are prominent amongst workers who perform the same movements over and over again. There are wide ranges of occupations that can increase the susceptibility of employees to such injuries. These can include office jobs, where individuals are typing all day every day, to manual labour, where you may be required to work in an uncomfortable position for much of the day.


Commercial kitchens are the most common workplace for burns. It would be very hard to eradicate this completely. Burns can be directly from flame or hot surfaces or via chemicals like acids Hazardous substances should be marked appropriately and all the necessary precautions taken to reduce the risks as much as possible. Protective clothing should also be worn wherever possible.

To minimise and identify all the risks to these common workplace injuries and train your staff in safety, contact Aurenda’s Safety Team.

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