Introductory Safety & Health Representative Courses for Remote Sites

All elected H&S representatives are required to attend an accredited Health & Safety course. For employers of workers at remote sites, the logistics of this can be complicated – and expensive.

Aurenda has developed customised training for Remote Site Health & Safety Representatives. This course can be conducted on remote mine sites for H&S Reps from a single company, or include personnel from contractors across the site. Taking into account the longer days on site, our Remote Site training can save you time by decreasing the number of days you need to release your H&S Reps for. Additional accommodation expenses are also reduced by having your Reps undertake this compulsory training while at site.

Don’t forget Aurenda also offers both the Introductory and Refresher Rep courses each month at its office in Nedlands.

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One response to “Introductory Safety & Health Representative Courses for Remote Sites

  1. The blog is brief but informative.Training in Aurenda for remote site health and safety Representatives is truly effective.Working in workplaces with maximum health and safety hazards get updated with Health and Safety Representative Training.

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