Q. I understand I need an Injury Management Policy? Is this true?

A. In Western Australia, the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act requires all businesses to have an
1.    Injury Management Policy;
2.    Injury Management System; and
3.    Return to Work (Injury Management) Plans for all injured workers with less than a full capacity to return to work.

Just like your OHS Policy, your Injury Management Policy needs to be displayed in the workplace.  There are fines and penalties for not having one in place.  If you are requested to show an employee your Injury Management System you could be fined if you do not have one available.

There are similar requirements in all ten workers’ compensation jurisdictions across Australia; the terminology may change, but the principles are the same!

Your Injury Management System could be developed and maintained –

  • In-house by your own safety or human resources departments; or
  • Externally with the support of Aurenda, who have the expertise and tools to support your team.

Contact Aurenda on (08) 6389 8900 for advice on how to put this in place.

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